Thursday, December 5, 2013

Not in Our Stars

There's been still more chaos, with the result my NaKniSweMo was a bust. Happily, I was home for most of Thanksgiving weekend, progress on Loni cardigan continues, and DH got to decorate our pie. I was hoping for a likeness of Comet ISON, but as that went bust too, perhaps it's better he instead opted for slender leaves.

Pumpkin pie 2013

At some point I decided I wanted an anise Annis. Attempt #1 – need it be said if one's attempts are numbered, that does not bode well? – was in Malabrigo Lace. I hated it.

Anise Annis, Attempt #1

Attempt #2 was in Classic Elite Yarns Fresco. Hated that too.

Anise Annis, Attempt #2

The fault, dear Grumpy Cat, lies with neither pattern nor yarn, but rather with the intolerable mismatch between them. I like everything about the Malabrigo Lace except its colorway, Tortuga, which would be fine in another project. I like everything about the Fresco except its sproing, which again would be fine in another project. And at least the Attempts have served to clarify what I want: a solid black Annis of 291 sts. So no real harm, no foul: I'm going to look for a skein of solid black Malabrigo Lace and a different pattern for the Fresco, and knit on.

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