Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Another Thanksgiving at Casa Jersey Knitter gone by – this one was a happy feast, not least because DH and I celebrated at home. Instead of the anxieties, disruptions, and hardships of the past several years, our biggest worry this T-Day was finding the perfect turkey and roasting it without setting off the smoke detectors. I'm deeply thankful for that. The only very small complaint: despite a diligent search there were no extra turkey giblets to be found to enrich the stuffing. Huh. Back when I used to order my turkey from a butcher, they always came with giblets from a much bigger bird, which was a little strange, but very welcome. The past few chaotic Novembers a supermarket bird (with its own, proportionate giblets plus some extras when available) has had to suffice. But perhaps next year I can hope to order from a butcher again.

Woven prayer shawl

Meanwhile, the first Homespun woven prayer shawl eventually worked out so well, I made another. This time I made sure the selvedges wound onto the warp beam evenly. It helped that I found a roll of craft paper the same width as the weaving width of the loom, so had a continuous length separating the layers instead of the taped-together paper I had been using. My third weaving project drafted easily, wove up quickly, and made a pleasing FO. I may never knit another prayer shawl. Although I did knit up more shawl ministry pins for my group.

Shawl Ministry pins

My backordered 10-dent heddle finally arrived over the holiday weekend. Newbie weaver that I am, I was surprised by how big a difference in fineness there is between the 8-dent and the 10-dent heddles. I wouldn't have thunk it, but the 8-dent is for worsted weight yarn while the 10-dent is for fingering.

8- and 10-dent heddles

So, I guess I have myself another hobby. Pity about the 15-inch weaving width though, it really would be nice to have a wider shawl. It seems very soon to be saying this, but... one would need another loom for that.... Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

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