Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Tortoise

This morning there was one last (?) hurrah from Old Man Winter, a surprise snowfall. So of course I rushed out to pose the wee bunny I crocheted for Free Art Friday Montclair. I'll announce where it's placed on Friday. Erm, is it wrong for a church lady to hide a spring bunny on Good Friday?

Wee bunny in snow

Making the bunny from the excellent pattern and photo tutorial by Janette Williams was fun and satisfying. Participating in Free Art Friday has been less so. Maybe continuing to do so makes me as mad as a March hare or as gullible as an April Fool. Ah well, my wrists needed a break from fast and furious Mad sock knitting.

Speaking of Sock Madness, here's a Sunday Review progress shot, which is when it became apparent that I possibly might be able to finish the pair before the April 3 deadline but definitely would not make the cut to advance from Round 2 to Round 3.

Cable Madness singleton plus

The cut happened the very next day. It would seem other participants are far speedier than I and have far more time to devote to Mad knitting. Or I have too many distractions. For example, on Sunday, which was Palm Sunday, I was making palm crosses instead of knitting. Slacker that I am, I made mine after the worship service to give away. Whereas overly competitive crafty types industriously weave their palm crosses ::cough:: during the worship service and ::cough:: pridefully hand them out in vast numbers afterward. I'm not very attached to the process (or the competition) – I just make 'em and give 'em away – but a few people reminded me I made them palm crosses last year, which surprised and touched me.

Palm crosses

Usually I make the palm crosses on the left, but this year I also tried the palm crosses on the right, which are fussier to make and yield tidier results.

Then there was the matter of replacing the lawn mower blade. It really, really needed replacing.

Old and new lawn mower blades

So, there might be snow on the ground, I may be DNQ for Sock Madness Round 3, but at least I'm ready for lawn-mowing season (whenever that may be)!

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