Wednesday, August 31, 2005

After Katrina

This morning I'm thinking of the scenes of devastation along the Gulf Coast and the impromptu navy of small boats racing the still-rising water to rescue trapped people in New Orleans. Lives are at stake – every moment and every effort counts. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu commended prayer. I can do that, so I'm doing it.

Today is also the Secret Pal 5 reveal. Again, that's something I can do, so I'm doing it.

Hello to Becca! I hope you enjoyed your goodies – I had a lot of fun picking them out for you. Did you guess it was me?

Thanks to your informative blog, I discovered two new-to-me stores, one bricks-and-mortar and the other online. The first is Dylan's Candy Bar. What a mind-blowing place! I also had a blast exploring Kawaii Gifts online.

And hello to the Secret Pal spoiling me! I think I have figured out the identity of la pal secrète, but let me wait to find out for certain. In the meantime, let me say I've loved your thoughtful packages and the glimpses they provide into French life. The most wonderful gift has been getting a sense of France beyond Paris. Thank you for sharing that with me.

I'm happy to say that the Phildar Lambswool is turning into beautiful Leaf Socks, which I will proudly wear to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck next month.

Right now I have a backlog of knitting, so I'm going to set the Anny Blatt aside for the moment. When inspiration strikes and time permits, I'll be sure to post progress pix and let you know what develops.

(Incidentally, la pal secrète may know that Louisiana is the most French of the U.S. states. It's not just the names: Louisiana, New Orleans, Landrieu. Plots of land are divided according to the Napoleonic system, in long thin strips radiating from the rivers and state law is based on the Code Napoléon rather than English common law.)

Finally, hugs, kisses, and a big Thank You! to fearless SP5 listmom Rox for organizing all 600+ of us. She kept on keeping on, even through some rough patches.

As for me, SP5 was a sufficiently happy experience that I've signed up for SP6.


Anonymous said...

Well my identity shall be revealed in my parting gift to you, which you should be receiving shortly, directly from the US this time. I would not be surprised you figured me out, not that many of us from Southern France in SP5! I'll talk to you then ;)

La Pal secrete

Ina said...

I'll wait to hear from you!