Friday, August 26, 2005


The last time the digicam was not responding to its programming, I made a SoHo loop-d-loop and had no pix to show for it. At least this time I have some archive photos stashed away (thanks to George), see below and in the sidebar.

Photo of bonsai Candle Tree

This old jersey is a gauge swatch worked in cotton thread. It's a bonsai-sized version of The Candle Tree from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns 1 by Barbara Walker, one of my all-time favorites. That's a New Jersey quarter for scale.

I used the same pattern for the John Glick Afghan Project (the project formerly known as Blanket). Here's the new square and the old gauge swatch, with a Jersey quarter. The green version is worked in baby yarn and is 8 inches square, still fairly small. Incidentally, Annie has extended the deadline for the Afghan Project, so do send her a square or two and add to the avalanche in her mailbox.

Photo of small and bonsai Candle Tree

One of these days, maybe I'll make a sequoia-sized Candle Tree.

As long as I'm looping, that earlier adventure was a visit to Purl for the Loop-d-Loop trunk show and book signing by author Teva Durham.Photo of Loop-d-Loop cover

Teva's wonderfully down-to-earth, warm, funny, sensible, and sensitive. And she really knows her knitting. Her designs may be caviary to the general SnBer – they are high style, high quality garments handknit from luxurious fibers with full fashioning, almost impossible to duplicate by machine. Some are virtuoso projects; others quite do-able. It was an inspiration to be able to examine her samples. Amazingly, despite their strong visual presence, many are almost weightless. I'm going to try some in the coming months.

No visit to Purl is complete without a stop at Once Upon a Tart, next door. And around the corner there's the delight of something else called Ina. Next time, I'll try to have pix to share.

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Leigh said...

Thanks for the compliment! I LOVE that swatch, and want the Loop-d-Loop book really badly. Lucky!