Saturday, November 12, 2005

International Scarf Exchange Questionnaire

Greetings, International Scarf Exchange Pal! I'm looking forward to this exchange – I was in the first round and enjoyed it so much that I'm back for the second round, as are Fiona (the pal I gifted) and the Jena (the pal who gifted me).

My questionnaire is already posted on the exchange website, but here it is again for ease of reference.

1. Name & blogger handle: Ina (Jersey Knitter).
2. Scarf only / scarf&hat / scarf&mittens: Scarf only.
3. Email address: jerseyknitter [at] gmail [dot] com
4. Blog URL:
5. Mailing address (which they can send to their pal separately) - not
to be posted on the blog.
6. Colours you like: Anything that goes with black (I spend a lot of time
in NYC).
7. Colours you hate: Hate is too strong a word. I don't much like neon brights, some browns.
8. Fibres you like: Not picky.
9 . Fibres you hate/allergies: Allergic to rabbit angora.
10. Prefered scarf length: Not picky, but I dislike keyhole scarves.
11. Head circumference (only if applicable): Not applicable.
12. Width of hand at widest point (only if applicable): Not applicable.
13. Solid or variegated?: Your choice.
14. Cables or lace?: Your choice.
15. Miscellaneous info (including if you would like the chance to have a crocheted scarf): Please make a scarf that makes you happy! Crochet is fine. I hope having carte blanche is liberating and inspiring - but if more structure is helpful, leave a comment on my blog or email me.

Hope you have fun – happy knitting! :)X

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