Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Side Trek

For the Trek-along, I'm taking a little side trek instead of starting with #126 (Brach's coconut candy) as planned. It just so happens that I've got some Trekking #129 (self-patterning grays, white, mint, and pink) lying around, empty dpns, a Sockapalooozer in need of a sock angel [hi, Pam!], and a hankering to test the Queen of the Jungle Stripe pattern in other yarns. Sweet synchronicity!

The sock, thus far:

Trekking #129 anklet

Initially I used a picot hem instead of 1x1 ribbing. But it became clear as the bold stripes emerged that that is not an effective cuff for the sock, so I added a lifeline, carefully unpicked the hem, frogged, picked up stitches, and knit a trusty 1x1 ribbing.

The trek, last Sunday, was the first Tri-Town Family Bike Day, a family-friendly traffic-free bicycle ride through Millburn (Exit 142), Maplewood (Exit 142), and South Orange (Exit 145). The day was perfect for a spin – sunny, cool, and a little windy. The route mainly hugged the Morris & Essex Line railroad tracks, which ensured a ride without hard climbs. I had a great time. There's a plan to extend the ride to Exit 151 [vbg].

Here's the sock perched on my bicycle saddle (weighted by my lock because it was windy) at the start, the Millburn Free Public Library. It's hard to get a good photo of the library building, so I opted for the book and media return boxes as a backdrop. To avoid ruffling suburban sensibilities, I was careful not to take pix of people, particularly children.

Sock and bike in Millburn   Banner across Main Street   All About Yarn

The township obligingly put up a banner across Main Street advertising the event. Millburn is also home to All About Yarn (sadly closed on Sunday).

In Maplewood, the rest stop was Memorial Park. The route through the village was obviously designed by a cyclist – just look at what was along the way (notice handlebars – not mine – in lower right corner).

Sock and bike in Maplewood   Maplewood ice cream parlour

Ride's end was the South Orange duck pond. There really is a south orange in South Orange. Also gaslights, which are always on to save the expense and trouble of lighting and dousing them.

Sock and bike in South Orange   The South Orange south orange   South Orange gaslight

When I asked a cop where to find the orange, he told me, but gave me a look that plainly said, "Lady, you're crazy." Could be. I spent the evening searching for the pattern repeat so the pair will be reasonably similar.

Searching for the pattern repeat

By the end of a happy day, Sock 2 was under way.



Kat said...

Wow! We almost met on Sunday. Too bad family obligations prevented Mom and I from joining the Tri-Town ride. I grew up in SH and was in town for the weekend. You didn't miss much at All About Yarn.

--Deb said...

It sounds like a great day. Do you know, my parents' first apartment was in Millburn? (I mean, of course you don't know that, but it WAS.) Your sock looks great!

sarah said...

Your bike trek looks like fun, and I love the sock!

Elisabeth said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I think it's telling that you speculated that you're crazy right before you talked about spending time trying to find the pattern repeat so you could have matching socks...

Beth S. said...

I've been eyeing that particular shade of Trekking myself. Nice choice!

Pam A. said...

Oh,my--they are so beautiful! Said I was okay without receiving a pair of socks... BUT having seen one, I love them! Thank you so much!