Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Four Xs

X is for xenolith (from the Greek, foreign rock), a rock that has bits of other rocks in it.X is for xenolith This pirate-patched (or alien-eyed) example is a well-weathered breccia cobble from the shatter zone surrounding Mount Cadillac in Maine (collected outside the national park, of course). So far, there's no satisfactory theory to explain the shatter zone or this rock, which has a matrix of pale gray granite in which small, aligned crystals of shiny black hornblende outline sharp-edged fragments of dark gray basalt (theoretically, it's inside out). Theory aside, we use it as a doorstop.

X is for XOX, a sentimental favorite cable pattern.

X is for Xena, a recently discovered minor planet officially named Eris or object 2003 UB313. While I have no strong feelings about Pluto's planetary status, I do wish the astronomical authorities had conformed with past practice and honored the name selected by the discoverers of Planet X and its satellite, which they dubbed Gabrielle.

And X is for xylem, which with phloem comprises the wood of trees. Some yarns derived from plants use only phloem, but the fabulously exquisite Habu paper yarns use both.

[ETA 11/29/06: Margene is having a contest for ABC-Alongers who finish – the prize is xocolate!]

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Kat said...

Xenolith - too cool.

margene said...

Oh and maybe something fibery, too;-)

Calling Kahlo said...

Is the satellite named Gabrielle after Xena's sidekick from the tv show?

Ina said...

The astronomers who discovered Xena and Gabrielle are fans of the TV show. They've also discovered an object they call Santa, which has a satellite, Rudolph.

Calling Kahlo said...

That is so cool! I love Xena, how fabulous!

Beth S. said...

Wow! Xenolith. I learned something today!

I'm rather sad about the Pluto thing too... but I think it's absolutely hysterical that Xena and Gabrielle are officially heavenly bodies now. ;-) That takes away a teeny little bit of the pain.