Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Steadfast Cookie Monsters

At the open of winter, there's not a whole lot of knitting going on roundabout Exit 151. Instead, here's a morality play with an opinion poll at the end.

The steadfast cookie monsters roundabout Exit 151 want only one cookie for ChristmasAlmost every form of cane sugar known to humankind and they wait for it to appear, initially with happy anticipation, but eventually with diminishing patience. They endure the annual list-making and the gathering of exotic, irrelevent-to-them ingredients. They may even volunteer to go to the store when it is discovered (mid-recipe, of course) that almost every form of cane sugar known to humankind is in the pantry, but no flour. They narrowly observe production because the baker likes seasonal variation, is unconvinced THE cookie is really a Christmas cookie, and has been known to do Very Bad Things.

These Christmas cookies were pronounced "okay."

OK Christmas cookies

But these unfortunates were mocked (click here to view).

These nearly provoked a riot.Frankencookies There were loud protests over the adulterated chips and dough. Curiously, the fact the chips are vanilla-flavored and not mint, as their appearance might suggest, only intensified the claims they are unacceptably mutated food. And if those affronts weren't cause enough, there was the additional concern the baker might assert the Frankencookies (it takes a monster to know one) are an adequate substitute for THE Christmas cookie. Which would be a very, very, very bad thing.

In the interest of world peace the baker stayed up late and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies using the recipe on the package except with double vanilla, one-and-a-half times semi-sweet chocolate chips, no nuts. The baker had some excellent Bromilow's chips on hand and stirred a few into the dough. Here's what's left of the batch.

Chocolate chip cookies

The steadfast cookie monsters were instantly mollified, indeed were happy and pleased. They also noticed the modification, but didn't mind it so much. The baker, on the other hand, thinks the richly flavored Bromilow's chips may be better in a cold dessert such as cannoli or cheesecake, or simply for eating out of hand.

Which leaves the poll question: Is it a Very Bad Thing to foist give Frankencookies to one's neighbors or bring them to SnB? Howabout church coffee hour?? Register your vote!

What to do with the Frankencookies?
Give them to the neighbors
Bring them to SnB
Serve them during church coffee hour
Any of the above are OK
All of the above are Very Bad Things
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sopranospinner said...

I have a similar ethical dilemma, but I'm not sweating it. I made 6 kinds of cookies this year to give as gifts. But am making break-and-bakes for church coffee hour. Just no time left for scratch and clean-up. Oh, well! Gave scratch cookies to the Pastor, though!

trek said...

Endorsing the increased vanilla: I know that the package has a typo; it is SUPPOSED to be a TBS not a TSP of vanilla.

Carol said...

Cookies, ANY cookies are acceptable to most people. (unless you did something awful like confuse sugar and salt) So feel free to give away, I'm right here...

Deb said...

Homemade cookies should never be mocked!! (Unless you've mixed the flour and the sugar, or something like that . . . but yours look like perfectly respectable, delicious cookies, so . . . !)

Suburbaknitsta said...

the cookies looked soo tasty tonight now that I know they are Frankencookies I am sorry I did not sample them... =)

Deborah said...

As it is, I've tasted the Frankencookie, and I can assuredly report that they were delightfully delicious!

Suburbaknitsta said...

Ina am answering your comment here b/c can not find your email... ( I am hopeless) I did decide I am doing the Print O wave and I bought the yarn last night and btw I LOVE this shawl...

Risa said...

Frankencookie they might be, but yummy they are! Thank you for bringing them to the SnB!

dragon knitter said...

i was looking for a "ship them to me" button!