Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flower Show 2007

Back from the Flower Show. This year, most of the large displays had water seeping from them and many smelled like old socks rather than flowers or foliage. Guess the drainage system wasn't working properly. The smaller displays were fine. I walked and gawked 'til my feet fell off, took lots of extremely bad pix, bought a lopper [hehhehheh], and am very glad I don't have these garden pests.

Garden pests

The theme was "Legends of Ireland." I'm not sure what velociraptors have to do with the theme, but there were green flowers, harps, thatched cottages, curiously marked stones, triskele and Celtic crosses, pipers, dancers, and a hairy guy with a pointy nose and bark clothing who ran around frightening small children. Here's the best of the pix (click to view larger).

Green Cymbidium orchids   Harp and triskele   Stone with bird markings

There was also a fantasy table setting with sheep, which got my attention, although that makes only a little more sense than dinosaurs in the backyard. Actually, it made me think about absentee landlords and how Ireland was a net exporter of meat even at the height of the potato famine.

Sheep and fantasy table setting

I have more flower pix to upload, but the Daylight Savings Time patches are causing trouble, so fixing the fix comes first. More (I hope!) after we spring forward.

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