Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March Sanity

Spring wonders never cease. It's 55° F (12° C) outside and Eunny Jang will be the next editor of Interweave Knits. Congratulations, Eunny! I can't think of another knitblogger who brings such a felicitous combination of technical prowess, design elegance, fresh outlook, timely execution, and writerly voice to the task. I'm very much looking forward to her first print issue and to new developments across other platforms as well.*

Guess that means I may have to take out a subscription. Or at least to knit up some Anemoi. After rummaging through some Jamieson's oddments while mumbling, "More spring-y, more spring-y" (a commentary on the yarn colors, not the yarn bounce – Jamieson's is plenty sproing-y), I lit on a nontraditional combination, Diakeito Diamusee Fine in colorway 120 and what is now called Rowan Scottish Tweed 4-ply in colorway 24 Porridge.

Anemoi mittens pattern and yarn

Meanwhile, tomorrow is 3.14, Pi Day, an auspicious time (especially at 1:59) to to start or show off a pi shawl, celebrate roundness, contemplate the mysteries of nonrepeating decimal places, and eat pie.

It all makes perfect sense.

*I'm also looking forward to learning once and for all whether her given name rhymes with bunny, moony, puny, toney, or something else. I can sympathize. ETA: According to Susan Lawrence (she of Branching Out, Forest Canopy, Horcrux Socks, etc) it's Oo-nee (rhymes with moony). Thanks, Susan, I'm glad that's settled!


Kim said...

I've got my money on "puny." I hope to see your Anemoi mitts in person so I can enjoy the springy colors.

susan said...

Her name is pronounced "Oo-nee."