Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Garden Got Soles

Last spring I used some jute twine to crochet a pair of soles for Jennifer Appleby's über-cute Seaside Espadrilles in Interweave Crochet Spring 2006. Alas, the project never quite got off the ground, as it were, and became a UFO. A year later, the espas are still only soles.

Crochet espadrille soles

While I could use new beach footwear, after the soaking rain from Tropical Rainstorm Barry, the main crop tomato plants needed staking and the bean trellis wanted securing. And jute is my favorite garden twine, so...

Raveled soles

It occurs to me this is the second time I've ditched a Jennifer Appleby pattern. They're cute and clever, but somehow don't quite make the cut. Oh well, the veggie patch is much happier now and that's one less UFO.

This 'Rutgers' tomato plant needs a good rousing cheer, though. Two weeks after transplanting, it's still under 5 in (13 cm) tall. By contrast, this 'Celebrity' tomato plant is 18 in (45 cm) tall – see all the twine needed to stake it? (The digicam color balance is off, the mulch didn't really change color between pix.)

Little 'Rutgers' tomato plant   Big 'Celebrity' tomato plant

'Rutgers' is an heirloom Jersey tomato – it oughta feel at home roundabout Exit 151, especially with the old teacher's college up the hill. Go Rutgers!


Kim said...

The Rutgers may yet catch up or exceed Celebrity's growth. A dose of compost tea can't hurt either.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Our Rutgers aren't doing quite as well as some of the others in the garden right now either. You'd think it would do better what with me being a graduate of that fine institution! Oh yeah, so was my sister :) But then again, something has been nibbling on the plants including completely removing all leaves below a certain height, which sadly encompassed my entire basil plant.

Deborah said...

I'm sorry to say that I only got to my vegie garden yesterday - TO WEED.

My vegies will be late this year, ugh.

Silver said...

YES! Those are the shoes I was trying to locate again! Thank you Most Kindly for pointing me back to the right mag! ;D No wonder I couldn't find it; it was a crochet mag and I was looking in the knitting ones. Doh.