Tuesday, June 26, 2007


While I was away this weekend, a second excellent parcel arrived from my Spin to Knit swap angel, Jen. Her lovely marled "floating green" yarn (it has a golf ball bead!) was a nice surprise on my return. Thank you, Jen!

S2K skein

My Ravelry invite also arrived – I can be found at jerseyknitter. As numerous others have already said, Ravelry is an amazing way to organize one's knitting and crochet. While there's a strong temptation to upload every project I've worked on back to the dawn of time, I'm going to start the clock now and work forward, then fill in as I return to hibernating (or in this weather, estivating) UFOs.

Synod in the City was a blast – I reconnected with old friends, heard some fine speakers, sang a lot, prayed some, knit some, took lots of blurry pix, ate 'way too many cookies, frolicked in the perfect weather, and basically had a very good time. I also had lunch with one of the youth groups, which decided after reasoned consideration that John Thomas, the General Minister and President, is...

The hottie

... a "hottie." I nearly spewed my beverage! Ah, impudent youth.


Bezzie said...

Beautiful yarn!

I'm glad I stumbled on your blog. I'm a recent resident of Exit 151 too!

Kim said...

Beautiful handspun from your pal! A hottie? I think nottie!!!