Thursday, June 28, 2007


It's gotten hot roundabout Exit 151, in the mid-90s F (~35° C). The other evening there was a loud Blam!, then power was out for 10 hours. Yesterday evening I noticed this addition to the local landscape. It wasn't there yesterday morning.

PSE&G box

It's painted green, which I suppose makes it less noticeable, but is surrounded by orange cones... for visibility. It's also teetering, has a multitude of thick black cables and hazard signs, and it hums. Evidently it gets the job done – during last night's monsoonal lightning storm, the lights and, more critically, the air conditioner never flickered once.

Progress on interminable edging knitting continues. The Spider's Web Fichu is supposed to be a half-hexagon, but after it reached the formless blob stage, it was difficult to say which geometric plane it most resembled. Now enough of the edge is bound off to see that it looks a lot like three-quarters of a square.

Three-quarter square shawl

Attempts to shape it into a half-hexagon resulted in hyperbolic ripples, most noticeable at the edge. It's strange how the half-hexagon seems smaller than the three-quarters square, in person as well as in the pix.

Half hexagon shawl

Oh well. As I imagine the finished shawl will sit on the shoulders nicely, its metaphysical form doesn't bother me. Now to polish off that interminable edging! Knit, knit, knit.


Bezzie said...

Lovely shawl!

Whew! We didn't lose power. No AC at my house though--but lots of fans!

Lynn said...

I'm moving to exit 151 next week... A/C and such had best be working!

Suburbaknitsta said...

I love it !! it looks awesome =)

Kim said...

Attrative electrical set-up you have there. Hope no squirrels or chipmunks wander inside the chain link fence and get fried. Ick. The shawl is just lovely and will sit on your shoulders and look just great!

nishanna said...

I'm knitting the full spider web shawl and crap is it getting big. Yours is very beautiful.

Rae said...

I just finished up my full hexagon spiderweb shawl. Once you get it wet & block it you can pull it into shape. Of course if you leave it more in the shape it is now it will curve around your shoulders & stay on better.

Deborah said...

Power went out here at exit 165 for about an hour. I swear the entire north east is turning into a 3rd world country!