Thursday, November 8, 2007

NaKniSweMoNorovember 8

Like many gardeners roundabout Exit 151, last night I was expecting little Jackie Frost, jr. but Maj. John Frost, sr. showed up instead. That's the end of my veggie patch, except for some leeks the rabbits overlooked and the green bean pods I let mature for possible seed saving.

Bean seeds

I'm curious to see this batch of seeds. The last time I let green beans mature, I got handsome red-blotched broad black seeds that bear no resemblance to the slim black seeds I planted or, for that matter, any edible bean seeds I've ever seen. I use 'em as pie crust weights.

ForThe screamer NaKniSweMoNorovember, I started the ladder cable sweater – and hate it. I really should know better. The cables, which are part barred and part garter, are fascinating. The yarn, Kureyon 149, is lovely. The combination is hideous. Click on the screaming dishcloth if you must have a look, but don't say you weren't warned.

(There oughta be a word to describe gawping at other people's bad knitting, something akin to rubbernecking. I bet Aristotle and Freud would have a lot to say about the cathartic effect. So... actually, providing discreet pix contributes to the commonweal.)

Happily, there are more options in stash. I've switched to Kureyon 166 and Rosedale by Amy Swenson. Here's the first sleeve in progress. I prefer reasonably similar sleeves, so am knitting the sleeves first to increase the possibility of a match.

Rosedale sleeve

Another reason for knitting the sleeves first is I'm undecided about the left front of Rosedale, which has a contrast panel. Sometimes it looks good to me, sometimes not. I want to add faux side seams... hm... to be continued.


Deborah said...

just that was a major frost, nearly turned my pool into an ice skating rink! don't ask...

Kristen said...

Heh heh- When first glancing at your post and catching the word 'rabbits' plus the picture, you can guess what I thought you were holding!
Noro does look much nicer without complex patterning.

Kim said...

My house is on a hillside so I didn't get any frost to speak of. Teh impatiens are still alive and blooming. I cliked on the hideous and agree. Love the yarn but the pattern does not partner well. Very beef-stewy minus the carrots.