Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

Happy Birthday, Deb and Kim! Here's a virtual cupcake in honor of the day. Chocolate, with lots of frosting, of course.


I regret I missed the party (gentle readers, please give them your good wishes, if you haven't already) and the good company of other Jersey knitters and spinners. At least I did a little spinning in place, in solidarity. That's the STR Wensleydale I bought last summer at The Fold. It's compressed from dyeing, but with a bit of pre-drafting, spins nicely.

Socks That Rock Wensleydale singles

Speaking of solidarity, I've been pondering the arguments in the current strike by the Writers Guild of America (East and West). As is usual, there would seem to be plenty of room for negotiation about money, should the parties desire to settle. But it also would seem the studios are making the extreme claim that publication/distribution via the Internet renders an author's copyright void (while at the same time vigorously defending their own rights against unauthorized reproduction by others). The big studios, giant international corporations all, could easily have outlined a more ethical management position, but that's not happening. Which is why there's unions and strikes and people who won't cross picket lines.


--Deb said...

I'm glad you did some spinning anyway, Ina, even if you couldn't come. I hope you're feeling better! And the cupcake looks just delicious (although, I don't know, maybe just a little dry?) (grin) We missed you!

Bezzie said...

Mmmm...what a delightful cupcake--and cupcake plate!

Kim said...

Thanks for the virtual cupcake!Lovely solidarity spinning! You were missed on Saturday. Hope you're feeling better.

Jane said...

It's been awhile since I visited! Love the bobble hat - gotta make one of those. That Noro sweater is going to be beautiful!

Jessica said...

We missed you too! Hope you are feeling better by now.