Monday, January 14, 2008

No Toast

Today was supposed to be a snow day – there were dire winter storm advisories all weekend and last night's news reports were full of school closings. But here's this morning's breakfast.

No French toast

There's no need for French toast roundabout Exit 151, not today.

No doubt because of impending storm frenzy, I accidentally bought (and opened) a combo-pack of the wrong printer cartridges. [Eyeroll]

Printer cartridges

I can't return 'em to the store, but would hate to just discard them – can anyone out there use HP 74 and 75 cartridges? The 74 (black) is pristine, the 75 (tri-color) was opened but not used. I paid $30, make me an offer.

Over the weekend I finished more yarn: the Barneswallow Farms Lincoln cross batt in two-tone colorway Cappuccino and some Grafton Fibers gold Merino. (I thought I had pix of the batts, but no.) I'd been somewhat disappointed with other Lincoln wools, but the Barneswallow Farms batt was lovely, with cloud-like long fibers and downy, uh, down fibers, very satisfying to spin. It finished at DK-weight.

Barneswallow Farms Lincoln x

Grafton Fibers batts are superlative in all respects, including price. I decided to spin this one into laceweight to get more value out of it. The finished yarn is beauteous, IMHO (although not quite as red as the photo).

Grafton Fibers Merino

Governor Jon Corzine held a town hall meeting on Saturday at Livingston High School (Exit 145) to promote his plan to improve transportation infrastructure and reduce state debt. It was a good presentation, low-key, with handouts for policy wonks [g]. Plus it was good to see the governor walking easily after his auto accident last spring. The capacity crowd was great – engaged, savvy, and largely self-regulating. During the Q-and-A, which was not limited to the day's topic, the crowd told microphone-hogging pols variously to get to their question or "Go run for governor!", but earnest questioners like the trembling mom with a special needs child got a respectful hearing. There will be 20 more town hall meetings – I'd commend the experience.


--Deb said...

Chappy was SO disappointed by the lack of snow today--he was counting on a good, snowballing romp to dispel the Monday blues and isn't sure he's going to forgive Mother Nature any time soon. Of course, I pointed out to him that he was so tired from all that socializing this weekend, the time to relax probably wasn't a bad thing, but he didn't want to hear it. Oh well. There's just no reasoning with him sometimes!

knitseashore said...

Snow is what happens when I got out on my bike for a ride, the first of 2008, on Saturday. Sorry about that.

Deborah said...

I had to resort to physical threats in order to get my guys out of bed. I guess I've played one too many practical jokes on them because they were convinced that I was joking and school was indeed canceled. Somehow, they blamed me for their bad no snow luck!

bookwoman said...

My Jersey geography is very poor (I'm convinced there's some sort of magnetic force in the state that messes with my internal compass), so I don't know what media market you fall into round about exit 151. But down here in Philly, we blamed the lack of actual snow on the return of John Bolaris to the market.

Bezzie said...

Love the handspun!

And curse the lack of snow!

Blarg, I've had enough of JC's plan. Too much like work is all I can really divulge.

Kim said...

Gorgeous glorious handspun!! It seems that the more dire the snow warnings the less snow we really get. What a total bummer when I looked out the window on Monday and there was a spittle of snow on the ground!

Jessica said...

Very pretty yarns you've got there. I love grafton and barnswallow. Good stuff! And I was sorely disappointed in the lack of snow. :(