Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Need a Snow Day?There's still no snow roundabout Exit 151. So for all those who missed their snow day, here's a small crafty consolation (click the button to view).

Anne has been reportingWIP Wednesdays her progress on up to three WIPs and stating up to three fibery goals on a one-week cycle, WIP Wednesdays. While I doubt I can post every Wednesday (I've already missed a few), it seems like a good practice to emulate.

The first Kureyon Sock Birch Leaf sock is almost finished. I'm loving the fancy toe, although I don't think I'll make it quite as pointed as in the pattern.

Kureyon Birch Leaf sock

The first gray Embossed Leaves sock is also close to finished. I missed the December 31 deadline for November Sockdown, but don't feel too bad about it.

Gray Embossed Leaves sock

I've been in touch with my upstream and downstream pals [waving hi] for the No More Humdrum Mittens Swap 2 – all's well in this little corner of the swap universe. (Although... am I the only person who hears the faintest creepy echo of Joan Crawford?)

Possible Mitten Swap 2 yarn

A bit of stash-diving produced this possible yarn pairing, Wildfoote Handpaint and St. Ives, which would yield easy-care, lightweight, durable mittens. Have yarn, will swatch.

My fibery goals for the coming week are:
  1. catch up on neglected blog stuff
  2. spin some
  3. finish the first Kureyon sock
The rest is gravy.

As long as I'm showing off celadon blog buttons, VickiABC-Along 2008 button revived the ABC-Along, this time with both a Flickr group and a Ravelry group. I'm a sucker for abecediaries and enjoyed -alonging last time, so signed up (sign ups open 'til January 19). I don't have an A of my own yet, but here's my fave of those in the pool.


Bezzie said...

Love those colors on the Noro sock!

Thanks for the Snow Site. I haven't given up hope yet!

bookwoman said...

The Noro sock is beautiful.

And that Wildfoote is one of my favorite colorways. I use that as a standard for baby socks. Doesn't matter if it turns out to be for a boy or a girl...they can all wear that color.

Kim said...

The past few nights my son & I have read a snow-themed book for the bedtime story in an attempt to kick start snow-mojo. NEED SNOW! Didn't Dorre do some sort of snow dance last year and it worked? Love your cabley good socks!