Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today is the most peremptory date on the calendar: March 4th! Applying knitter's logic, it seems appropriate to show off new socks today. It also seems like a good day to try out Jessica's theory about socks, shoes, and blog comments. I'd tell you the theory, but that would violate the Uncertainty Principle, at least for this post (so maybe later).

Pink Queen of the Jungle Stripe

The socks are a picot hem variation on Queen of the Jungle Stripe socks, worked from one skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in colorway Sherbet. They are exactly the same size despite the odd perspective above or the gap between their making – the first sock was finished [cough] in mid-2006. That's one less UFO buzzing around Area 151, plus pink is a Project Spectrum color.

Sherbet socks

Despite gray skies today, the past few days really have got me back in the pink. Jessica gave an excellent spinning and housewarming party on Saturday. Thanks, Jessica, it was good to be in the company of fiber people – to meet Kristy and to see Deb again as well as MY SnB regulars Kim and Risa. (Alas, I have no pix of the happy event.)

The last package of my Scout's Indie Swag subscription arrived. It's got a Valentine's Day theme and is very girly – which, although no longer timely, is still welcome.Raspberry sorbet To avoid spoilers, it's sporting a disguise (click on the pic to view).

The lottery for Scout's Swag 3 is starting soon. Returning subscribers have an advantage in the lottery, but I'll be sitting this one out. Much as I've enjoyed Scout's parcels, I fear I lack the requisite swagger. Put another way, alas, I'm 'way too much of a control freak to derive undiluted joy from random selections.

More pinkyness (and diluted joy): DH and I watched La Vie en Rose, the Édith Piaf biopic for which Marion Cotillard just received the Best Actress Oscar. It's an amazing, luminous performance in an un-Hollywood movie, not factual biography of course, more a sketchy approximation or appropriation, but worth seeing even if one hates subtitled movies. The movie has become vaguely controversial as Cotillard has badly damaged – or perhaps cemented – her blossoming Hollywood reputation (she ascribes to several offensively wacky conspiracy theories).

Amanda hat wip

Marching right along, here's my first Malabrigo March wip, the Amanda Hat by Gina House. I'm knitting fewer repeats to fit my short stack cranium. The Diagonal Demi-Brioche lace (to use the name Barbara Walker uses for the stitch pattern) is especially luscious in Malabrigo Worsted. It's a snap to work and I plan to finish it watching election returns tonight.

And for those who didn't get to vote today (or even if you did), here's an online petition to add bicycle directions to Google Maps. It would be fantastic to have the option to Bike There as well as Drive There and Take Public Transportation There. For more information, check out Google Maps 'Bike There'.


--Deb said...

Love the shoes and socks, Ina! And it was great seeing you again on Saturday--such a fun day!

Kristen said...

Yes, love those stylin' feet! I just signed the bicycle petition.

Jessica said...

Now that is an awesome match of socks and shoes! But I just can't get over the mention of *one* skein of LL!! Dang... why does everyone I knit socks for have to have such huge feet?!?

Kim said...

Love those pinky socks and be-ribboned shoes. Your feet are ready for a Marching Forth to a Tea Party. That Malabrigo is such a cozy oatmeal-esque color. So comforting. I'd like to knit one more Malabrigo hat before the hat-wearing season is over.

knitseashore said...

I love your pink socks! And thanks for the info about "bike there" directions. I will check that out.

Jeanne said...

Very pretty socks!

bookwoman said...

Great socks. And thanks for the link for bike directions. How cool would that be?

Now, to go dig out that hank of Malabrigo that's in the bottom of my stash.