Sunday, March 1, 2009


Busyness elsewhere has begun to abate (hooray), leaving me enough time to start a Malabrigo March project. It seemed apropos to cast on Spring Thaw by Cat Bordhi (in Knitter's K91, Summer 2008) worked in Malabrigo Sock, colorway Lettuce.

Spring Thaw socks in progress

Ordinarily this much twisted ribbing would make me crazy, but Cat's designs are so absorbing that the aggravation is minimal. Although I have my limits – I'm knitting the sock cuff down rather than toe up to accommodate my Frankenfeet.

Alas, the irony is that no sooner do I start on Spring Thaw socks than the weather forecast is for heavy snow. Le sigh!


Kaye said...

Ha ha, yes, in like a lion for sure. Hope you at least get a snow day to work on your Spring Thaws.

Julie said...

Those are such pretty socks! Heavy snow indeed, 8 or 10 inches here already. I can hear my little daffodils asking what happened to our sun!

Kim said...

Those socks remeind me of wood grain. Very cool. Did you know that today is Cat Bordhi's birthday?

Nancy said...

Beautiful design, and the perfect yarn to match. Malabrigo sock is sooooo soft!