Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spinner's End

While I never managed to scrape together much enthusiasm for my project for the Tour de Fleece last month,* last week I started spinning like a crazy thing and this week have finished yarn to flash. The difference? I had a very clearly defined end purpose for the yarn in mind. What happens next? Er, hrumph.

Zarzuela's Fibers Merino chunky weight

I spun up most of a 4 oz braid of Zarzuela's Fibers Merino, colorway Maine Blueberry, into 105 yds (96 m) lumpy bumpy chunky weight for Quincy, an intriguing Moebius hat by Jared Flood. Alas, there's not quite enough yarn. Hrumph.

Yarn Hollow Merino Tussah fingering weight

And I spun 2.1 oz of Yarn Hollow 80/20 Merino Tussah, colorway Antique Map, into 191 yds (174 m) lofty fingering for a Storm Cloud Shawlette by Hanna Breetz. The hank looks so good draped over my blazer and I'm feeling so dang lazy, I may not bother with knitting. Hrumph.

* That means my New Year's vow #4 is about to come due, details next month.


Jaime said...

I'm impressed you've done that much spinning (and also by the HP reference in your title :). I don't think I've spun that much in months. Also, your Quincy dilemma is what I fear will happen with my Aeolian yarn...which may be why I haven't spun it. Whoops.

Bezzie said...

Antique Map! Love that!!!

Kim said...

A spinning bonanza and all from a spindle too. Much more work involved I think. Glue a pin back to Antique Map and you'll have a lovely, if ginormous, brooch for your blazer.