Friday, October 16, 2009

Mixed Bag

This morning I woke to lowering skies and the rattle of sleet against the windowpanes. I hope those heading to Rhinebeck this weekend travel safe!* And... dare I say it? The prospect of cold precipitation on a fiber festivalString bag makes me appreciate anew the desirable properties of plastic bags even as I try to reduce my use of them.

On such a gloomy day full of such ambivalent thoughts, it was a particular happiness to re-read the entries for my blog giveaway and to see the level of environmental awareness and commitment to positive action – thanks to all who entered. Is it ironic that the prize comes packaged in a plastic bag? However that may be, by random draw the Sheep 2 Shoe kit goes to Katie. Congratulations, Katie!

In her comment on the previous post, Jessica expressed the hope the Seedy cardi has two sleeves. It does indeed, here's photographic evidence.

Seedy cardi sleeves

Alas, I'm currently picking out the mattress stitching on the shoulder seam of one of them. I was sailing merrily along (tralala), but a moment's inattention led to this horror.

Shoulder seam

Can't tell what's wrong? Here's a closer view. When properly executed, mattress stitch makes nearly invisible seams in handsome columns. The scissors tips are pointing to – cue Drama Button – a jog in the column.

Shoulder seam jog closeup

It's got to go.

*A somewhat self-serving hope, as Tami and I are going in Nancy's carpool.


Kaye said...

Rock on Katie!

Have fun in the slushy weather!!!

Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Yay, thanks so much!!! I am really excited to have won the Sheep to Shoe kit - you bet it will go on my soon to-do list when it arrives. Peace, and happy knitting!