Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gone to Seedy

Oh hai. It's that time of year. Remember the Seedy Cardi from last year? I'm finally blocking it.

Seedy cardi blocking

I knit the cardigan in a week, but it's taken a year and the pressure of another looming Rhineback to get around to piecing it together. Procrastination, I haz it.

The milkweed pods are drying nicely, but (wouldn't you know it?) according to an article by Lili Pintea-Reed (posted by Leesy), the best floss is collected from green pods and spun while still moist. Naturally, mine are seedy.

Reminder to nonprocrastinators: my Sheep 2 Shoe kit giveaway is open through October 15.


Bezzie said...

Very nice sweater and it's actually sweater weather for R'beck.

I would have never thought you were supposed to spin the pods when moist. Huh!

Jessica said...

I really hope the other sleeve is just missing from the picture! ;)

Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Those colors are beautiful... Have fun at Rhinebeck!