Saturday, November 28, 2009


After cooking nonstop for multiple feasts (including one at a homeless shelter), I'm super tired. I enjoyed it all, but now I'm especially tired of turkey and even pie lacks appeal. I'm so tired that it seems vaguely significant that the crust on this year's pie slumped.


Fortunately for pies, bad posture does not necessarily indicate poor taste. Fortunately for me, the T-Day leftovers are stowed and Santa's coming. Literally, in the form of Zarzuela's Fibers Superwash Merino, colorway Santa's Coming!

Zarzuela's Fibers top

I feel perkier already. It's as if I have the Macy's parade on my blog, in miniature.


Jessica said...

Glad the fiber made your day. Now go get some rest! :)

craftivore said...

Slumped?! That is a friggin beautiful pie.