Thursday, November 19, 2009

Street View

Ordinarily the Wall Street Journal is not known for its advice for knitters, but on memorable occasions one strikes gold. This season they're pushing snoods. Gentle readers may know (as I did not) that the new-fangled snood is not the fancy hairnet of days of yore, but rather a pricey cowl long enough to wrap two or three times around the neck and tall enough to wear as a hood. Ohhh.... Of course I had to knit one.


So I perused Ravelry, particularly liked Michele Wang's Eternity Scarf, and quickly knit up a downmarket prototype of my own out of Wool-Ease. I like Wool-Ease – it squeaks, yet its drape mimics alpaca, not to mention my outlay was all of $5. The result is fun to wear, although this season's de rigueur color is not my fave for accessories.

Wave Cowl

But the big discovery for me (as astonishing as my discovery of washcloths): cowls are fun to knit. Here's another, Wave Cowl worked in Kochoran and Lamb's Pride, knit for my Plurk Cowl Swap downstream pal, Lisa (waving hi).


Bezzie said...

I guess I'll stick to old fashioned snoods. The snoods of today seem a little flash in the pan poncho-ish to me. Plus I'd look like a dwarf wearing one!

I am still curious to see your finished Eternity though!

Jessica said...

Yay cowls!! They are a fun knit!

Eddy said...
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Eddy said...
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Ina said...

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