Monday, November 16, 2009

Chain Chain Change

The stores roundabout Exit 151 may transition from Halloween to Christmas in the twinkling of an eye, but I've been knitting myself a more gradual segue, Deby Lake's Chain Link Socks. The knitting has been going on for a while; today, finally, there was enough sunshine to take a decent photo of it.

Chain Link sock

Somehow I never got around to knitting this fun, absorbing Six Sox Knit-along pattern. The clever slip stitch motif makes me think of the ghost of Jacob Marley (= Halloween --> Christmas), also of bicycles and whoopie pies and tough economic times.

(Non-knitting rant: Speaking of which, I don't revolve a balance on my credit card, but if I did, the interest rate would have just increased retroactively to an APR over 35%. The skinflints at my bailed out bank play it both ways – they borrow money at very low interest rates and lend it at very high interest rates, all while crying poor. I wonder if credit card bankers laugh all the way to the bank. However that may be, Congress is watching and perhaps other powers too, which brings the karmic circle back to the unquiet ghost of the usurious Jacob Marley. /rant)

Still here? Here's a sweetener, some vintage stash yarn, Emu Superwash. The Seneca mini-KAL for NaKniSweMo fell through, so Plan B is to frog an ancient UFO in favor of Stillwell by Jared Flood.

Emu Superwash

Think I can finish before month's end? Or is it a fool's errand even to try??


Bezzie said...

Here I thought they sorta looked like the top view of a bicycle chain. I like them no matter how you cut it. I've never seen that pattern and that's always refreshing.

craftivore said...

Stillwell is nice, what would you use for your contrast color? Whoopie pies, huh. What about Oreos?