Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This evening when I got home, there was earth-moving equipment and a mound of silty gravel in front of a neighbor's house. That was a surprise. PSE&G is replacing gas mains two streets over – I didn't expect they'd stash equipment on my street.

Earth moving equipment

It's also a surprise how strongly the Cool Beans stripe pattern tends to dominate the beans pattern in finished socks. The MC and CC colors I'm using only emphasize that tendency.

Cool Beans in progress

The pattern calls for beans on the instep and stripes on the sole, and a striped toe. I'm thinking of cooling down the high contrast stripes by working them in the same color as the beans for the rest of the foot, then working high contrast stripes on the toe. What say you? Carry on as established or switch? Either way, I'm going to place a lifeline just in case.


underdutchskies said...

Keep the stripes as they are! They are cool!

stringplay said...

I LOVE this sock and the yarns/colors you've chosen. I keep looking at it here and in Ravelry.