Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Day Monday

It's raining (again) roundabout Exit 151 and to top things off I've caught a bug that sometimes causes severe intestinal upset but mostly inflicts extreme lethargy. I was eating woecake, then this sprightly project bag from Sally arrived with today's mail. Lookit:

Whimsical project bag

The bag is one of several Sock Madness Round 1 prizes awarded to slow but persevering knitters (moi!). The light today is too poor to show this, but the whimsical embroidery panel is adorned with a tonal print that adds a subtle extra bounce to the whole. I love it! Thank you, Sally, and thanks to the SM4 mods for the encouragement.

Meanwhile, the coffee-themed Round 2 sock progresses: I've reached the heel flap. I'm enjoying the pattern, Cool Beans.

Cool Beans WIP

Initially, I decided to work a contrast cuff, heel, and toe because I have a good amount of the MC yarn but Not Enough of the CC yarn. It suddenly (!) occurs to me that I may have a problem. The heel stripe continues through the heel turn onto the sole and toe of the sock. I'd prefer to keep the beans in their established color and the stripes in their established colors... which can be done, but perhaps doing so would comprise too great a modification to the pattern and so constitute a DQ. Off to consult the mods about mods.


Nancy said...

Congrats on making the cut in Sock Madness - what a cute project bag!

Hope you feel better soon...BUG BE GONE!

Cool Beans is kewl :o)

stringplay said...

Well, I love your sock-in-progress. I just love the yarns/colors you've chosen.