Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rhinebeck or Bust

The fancy lemon computer seems to be limping along well enough. Now where was I... oh right. Egged on Encouraged by Lois, last Thursday I cast on for a Rhinebeck sweater, Beltane Tee by Marlaina Bird. Yup, even though it's closer to Samhain than Beltane,* at the time there were nine days to go, and I had to frog an abandoned project (it's the background here)...

Frog booty

... and recondition the yarn first. I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash, colorway 845, which has a softer drape than regular 220.

Reconditioned yarn

I quite like the dressmaker details of Beltane – picot hem, waist shaping, bust darts, pretty shaped neckline. Because the waist shaping is comparatively abrupt and is all at the side seams, the hem forms a mitre and wants to roll up. Its neo-pagan name notwithstanding, the sweater has a retro-futuristic silhouette reminiscent of Jane Jetson.

Beltane Tee in progress

It must be noted the pattern contains errors, only some of which are addressed in the errata. Some would seem to be typographical; others are a bit nuts. I'm revising as I go-go-go.

*I have no idea how to pronounce Beltane. Given Samhain is often pronounced sow-en (sow to rhyme with cow, not sow to rhyme with crow) or sow-een, I'm happy to take advice.


craftivore said...

Love the picot edge hem! How to see you at Rhinebeck, I'll be there both days.

Bezzie said...

I'm a sucker for a picot edge. Which I pronounce pick-ought in my mind. Yeah I know it's not right.

If I see the wiccas next door doing their thing in the backyard I'll see if I can get some pronounciation instruction.

dragon knitter said...

sounds like itlooks,love. and ihope the sweater turned out well(i'm behind onmy blog reading, lol)