Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Hai

Happy New Year. I feel like a lolcat surprised by the camera, in more ways than one. Sorry about the radio silence. It's been snowing roundabout Exit 151 –funny pictures of cats with captions we got almost two feet (60 cm) of the white stuff on Boxing Day, another 16 inches (40 cm) two weeks ago, 7 inches (17 cm) last week, and a wintry mix today. One might think a snow day or three would provide plenty of time to compose a few blog posts, but the rigors of the weather and some sundry other things have kept me fully occupied. I even forgot about French toast for a while. Although while shoveling snow I made Pioneer Woman orange marmalade rolls.

Apricot rolls

It turns out the pauses needed when making yeast bread (mix dough, let rise, shape dough, let rise, etc) interweave nicely with the pace of shoveling heavy snow (shovel mightily, rest a bit, shovel mightily, rest a bit, etc). The recipe as written (half of the cinnamon rolls recipe) yielded three pans of rolls. I substituted apricot preserves and used a lighter hand with the icing, as there's been quite enough icing roundabout Exit 151 lately.

Some gentle readers, particularly those who read via RSS, may have noticed a stray post that popped up earlier in a strangely incomplete and disheveled state. That's because I tried blogging in public via the trendy new gadget that Santa left under the Christmas tree. It came with an online coupon for a complimentary fancy frozen drink, an interesting product pairing in winter. All was going well – I was slurping and tapping away on the virtual keyboard and feeling posh and clever – when my finger tap inadvertently activated the Publish button. I was aiming for Save. Argh.

Nook Color

Alas, balky-to-wonky response would seem to be the norm for these new-fangled capacitive screens, even with a stylus. The new gadget is far shinier than my old gadget in most ways and I'm happy with it, yet I do miss the precision of the old-fangled resistive screen on the old gadget, which had handwriting recognition capability and could be used while wearing gloves. I wonder what it would be like to have the new gadget with the old screen....

Speaking of old and new, I suppose I should post the semi-obligatory year end wrap up post, even if the first month of the new year is more than half gone. I venture to say I did rather well on my three goals for 2010:

Four singleton socks of shame came down from the clothesline, two went up, for a net reduction from 2009. The total count as of December 31 stands at ten.

Singleton Socks of Shame, 2010
Left to right: solid Meadowlands, variegated Meadowlands, Scar, Fawkes, blue Green Merino, Julesokker, blue Clouds, Chain Link, Love Me Knot, Snow Queen.

I spindled sufficient yarn for a pair of socks before my birthday not once but twice, during the Ravel*****s in February and again during the Tour de Fleece in July.

Ravelympics Flying Camel Spin   Ravelympics Gold

Tour de Fleece Maillot Jaune   Tour de Fleece Jaune

And I reduced use of plastics, perhaps not in a dramatic way, but making steady progress toward unlearning old bad habits and forming new good ones.

Perhaps needless to add, I haven't given much thought to new goals for the new year. But that's for another time, another post. For now, I'm just happy to be here.

Redacted 6/26/12: the Ravelry event formerly known by a name that rhymes with and supposedly infringes on the Olympics™.

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