Sunday, August 7, 2011

We Are Not Alone

Usually after a bout of speed knitting I lose interest in knitting for a while, a classic rebound effect. Not so this time – right now I have an unaccountable desire to knitknitknitknit. Even more surprising, I've been surveying the numerous UFOs buzzing around Exit 151 with a stern eye. It's FO or go time at casa Jersey Knitter!

The first UFO revived from hibernation was Running with Scissors by Phyll Lagerman, last seen as a partial leg in April 2009. I turned the heel, tried it on, discovered it is 'way too tight (how had I not noticed before?), and sent it to the frog pond. I still love the pattern and plan to knit it later, probably in a different yarn. From bitter experience I know this yarn f-f-felts very readily, perhaps not the best of attributes for socks.

Running with Scissors

Next up, Green Merino Socks by Tuulia Salmela, which progressed rapidly to singleton stage in November 2008 but subsequently has been a fixture on the annual Socks of Shame lineup. After a bit of knitting, it became apparent the second sock was knitting up at a significantly different gauge than the first – a hazard for any second sock, but especially as the time elapsed between socks increases. This iteration of the second sock is off to the frog pond, and I'll try again for a closer gauge match with the first sock.

Green Merino legs

Finally, my traffic cone orange cycling socks, which have been languishing as a singleton since May, need languish no more. The second sock is done!

Traffic cone orange socks

There's no telling how long this knitting jag will last, but I'm going with the flow. By happy coincidence (???) the unofficial SKA August knit-along is to finish UFOs. Judging from the ample photographic evidence in the KAL thread, it would seem there are UFOs and Second Sock Syndrome sufferers everywhere. We are not alone!

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