Tuesday, August 21, 2012


There are always so many UFOs buzzing around Area 151 that by the time Free Up Your Needles rolls around, I'm spoiled for choice. I decided to start with this modified version of Canada by Nancy Bush, which was intended to embody one of my New Year's resolutions for ::cough:: 2009. The cuff reads, "NaKniSweMoDo."

Canada sock with 2009 New Year's resolution

Neither the socks nor the knit-along went as planned, yet except for that nagging reminder of knit-alongs past, the sock is quite lovely (as most Nancy Bush patterns are). I decided to revive the project by first de-cuffinating the sock.

Canada sock, de-cuffinated

Next steps: finish the foot, finish the cuff, graft cuff onto leg, finish second sock. Simplicity itself.

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