Monday, August 20, 2012


My last project for the knit-along presently known as the Ravellenic Games was a Knitted Wreath by Julie Weisenberger. I was cranking out the leaves while watching the Olympics™ Closing Ceremony...


... then discovered the deadline for finishing Ravellenics projects was before the broadcast started in the U.S. Oops. Nuts. I also discovered that substituting pipe cleaners for the wreath frame specified in the pattern isn't satisfactory, but brim wire works decently well.


There are quite enough hoops to jump through both in craft and in life as it is, so that's what I used. The wreath earned no Ravellenics glory, but I still think of it as my Wreath o' Victory. My version is beadless and has more of a wistful air than a domineering presence.

Wreath o' Victory

Meanwhile, after that kerfuffle over names, I was surprised to read in the Wall Street Journal that USOC has no plans to stop the Romney Olympics. (No surprise the WSJ knows about Ravelry.) I was further taken by WaPo's account of the candidate's competitive streak and reaction to losing the Romney Olympics triathlon – he changed the rules to favor himself. Huh. While I do enjoy winning, I've never been big on competitive sports one way or another – it's the hardcore fans who say sports not so much shapes character as reveals it.

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