Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Medal Tally

Behold, Ravellenic Games glory is mine! Or at least it is for the two out of three projects finished on time:Ravthlete button the pair of socks for Team Tufty and a scarf for Team UCC. I thought I had until midnight local time the last day to finish a third project, but the rules specify a deadline of 11:59 pm British Summer Time, which was already past by the time I sat down to knit and watch the Olympics™ Closing Ceremonies at 9:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. The delayed broadcast got me! Ah well.

However that may be, I'm very pleased with my handspun Lotus Heart Socks. I'm especially pleased with the way the hot spots in the roving translated in the FO. I don't have enough experience to be able to look at a braid of roving and know if it will spin up suitably for the project at hand. As things turned out, the mottled yarn does obscure the lace pattern somewhat, but the stripes are not as strongly contrasting as some.

Lotus Heart Socks

Incidentally, after all the fussing with contrast cuffs/no contrast, there's a subtle tonal difference between the cuffs and legs that wasn't planned, it just happened as I knit.

Mirror image cuffs

During knitting, the sock initially seemed far too small. That caused me a certain amount of freaking out and frogging, but persevering knitters should trust the pattern, keep calm, and knit on – the pattern tweaks I tried only made the sock far too big = more frogging. (At least my handspun held up to the hard use.) In the end, the only mods I retained were the mirror image cuff and an extra pattern repeat in the leg, because I prefer a tallish sock. Because the cuff tends to flare, the sock fits better cupping the curve of the calf anyway. Go figure.

Speaking of which, that's two badges for me.

Sock Put badge Lace Longjump badge

I also finished another scarf for my church project, for three more badges. This one is a bit more subdued in color, for those who might appreciate something less BRIGHT. It's still el Corazón Rojo, though, so the texture leaves much to be desired.

      Scarf Charity Rowing badge
Scarf Hockey badge One Skein Sprint badge

Project #3 is finished as well, but as it doesn't figure in the medal tally, I'll blog about it, and finish my Ravellenics musings, in another post. To be continued....

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