Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Socks Etc

Just when I was thinking a pre-MDS&W evaluation of stash and knitting goals would be salutary, along came "My Sock Drawer" on the Lorna's Laces blog, which includes a link to the OP by Susan B. Anderson. Sometimes (not always) it's helpful to see where I've been when pondering where I'm going, so I decided to show off the contents of my sock drawer too. That is, just the handknit socks.

My sock drawer

As I've mentioned before, given my tendency to generate UFOs I'm a little surprised by the number of complete pairs of handknit socks that I have. The above photo doesn't include the socks I had on or the socks in the laundry.

Socks I was wearing   Socks in the laundry

I have a feeling I might be even more surprised by the number of UFO socks etc buzzing around Exit 151, but why go there. Especially when I found this wonderful Noro Taiyo (colorway 18) languishing in stash and thought, "Why, surely I can knit myself a small summer cardigan to wear to MDS&W in less than one week!"

Noro Taiyo

Just watch me.

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