Monday, March 24, 2014


Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.
-- Elizabeth Zimmermann

Despite the blog post drought, I have indeed been knitting on, and now I'm catching up.
Sock Madness Forever button
This month I started knitting along with Sock Madness, with high hopes of doing better than last year and placing on a team. Then a trip to Washington intervened. There was plenty of time during actual travel on Amtrak to knit, not so much in between. So although my Round 1 socks, the wonderfully whimsical Brucie by Amy Rapp, made significant progress while getting there...

Brucie heading to Washington

... and while coming back...

Brucie returning from Washington

... the net result was I qualified for patterns, but not for competition. Ah well. I posted the requisite singleton photo and knit on. Sorry about the blinding glare from my winter pale (and hairy) leg. Notice anything else glaring about it?

Brucie one and a bit

Somehow the singleton photo got flipped. I'm knitting with Trekking yarn, not Gnikkert. Sigh. I thought about un-flipping it, but decided against and knit on with confidence etc.

The trip included a setback, but overall was about as positive as could be hoped, which meant I could relax a bit. I did, but there were consequences: my row gauge for Brucie 1 and Brucie 2 is different. In the Shark section, Brucie 1 has eight sets of fins and Brucie 2 has seven.

Brucie 1 and Brucie 2 have different row gauge

Sigh. It's been a year of making decisions, most more grave than this. I decided to match the socks in length rather than in sets of fins, and knit on with confidence etc.

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