Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ravellenics 2014 Recap

Continuing the catch-up: Last month there was a modest amount of Ravellenic crafting roundabout Exit 151. I crocheted three pinky granny hearts to use as hotpads because I was getting sick of all the snow. Which only seemed to encourage more snow to fall the day before Valentine's Day.

Three granny hearts

I picked at my old Scar socks, which were cast on in ::cough:: September 2007. Since then, there have been many, many attempts to complete them and many, many appearances with the year-end Socks of Shame. Here's where I started this time.

Scar sock resumes

And here's where I finished. One pair = one less UFO, one less Sock of Shame!

Scar socks complete

That left me contemplating my almost-finished Betty's Tee (front view).

Betty's Tee, front

I love the pattern and the yarns, but the combination just wasn't working (back view).

Betty's Tee, back

So there was nothing else to do but frog (frogged view).

Betty's Tee, frogged

Thus Ravellenic glory was mine in three events. I claimed my event medals, but didn't bother with the technique medals available. The giant kerfuffle over human rights before the games made me realize I'm on Team Simplify rather than on Team Many Rules. From my perspective the stakes in a knit-along pale in comparison to the stakes in real life geopolitical crises, such as the crisis in Ukraine. Although I do enjoy seeing a Bobicus or three on my blog.

Alpine Abode Enhancement badge WIPs Dancing badge Aerial Unwind badge

I ordered the 2014 Ravellenics pin, delivery pending. When it arrives, my Games will be complete.

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