Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Fooling

April is Tsunami Awareness Month and yesterday's 8.2 magnitude Chilean earthquake has started things off with a bang.

Today in Hawai'i, small tsunami have been reported. Hanauma Bay is closed due to expected sloshing, which could be hazardous to swimmers and shore walkers. Stay safe, everyone!

In other news, I finished my Brucie socks. I'm inordinately fond of the clever Sock Madness pattern by Amy Rapp.

Brucie FO

The previously mentioned gauge mismatch between the first sock and the second sock continued – in the Scales section the first sock has 15 sets of scales while the second has 14 sets, and in the Great Gansey section the first sock has 9 diamonds while the second has 8½. I shrugged and knit on. I didn't even notice a couple gansey diamonds on the second sock got merged together.

Merged diamonds

Ordinarily that would bother me enough to frog back. I'm leaving the error. It's been that kind of winter. At least spring is indisputably on the way. Proof positive: the skunk cabbages are finally up. They seem more petite and less stinky than some years, which makes me wonder if this is a second flushing and the first got buried by snow. It will be interesting to see if the leaves are normal-sized when they unfurl.

Skunk cabbages in April

Instead of starting the next Sock Madness pattern, I think I'll finish a Sock of Shame. Maybe Hanauma Bay, since it's in the news. Although it must be said, the SKA challenge this month looks tempting, too. That way danger lies.

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