Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Raft of Disconnects

Gentle readers, at year end I'm pondering an odd disconnect or maybe even a whole raft of 'em. Objectively it was a productive crafty year yet it doesn't quite feel that way to me, perhaps because so much of the time I was playing catch up, not least on the blog. Or maybe it was the incessant snow and cold last winter – strange now to think I was freezing soap bubbles for amusement last January.

Big and wee Sockdolager Frozen soap bubble Martha Stewart mittens Moulin Rouge Shawlette Sochi Olympics and Scar sock

Equally strange to think the Sochi Olympics and Russia's seizure of Crimea and invasion of eastern Ukraine may have been related, or that the Ravellenics could implode over human rights and successfully reform.

Granny Hearts Scar socks Betty's Tee, frogged 40 Bags in 40 Days Artfully Simply Infinity Cowl

Then there was the marvel that was the Boston Marathon Scarf Project: simple, yet powerful and so right. Love wins!

Brucie Boston Strong scarf MDS&W sheep Sockdolager Bike the Drive 2014

The summer was full of alarums of all natures and more family crises. Which likely had its effects, positive and negative, on all my crafting, including my Tour de Fleece spinning.

Camino de Santiago socks Tour de Fleece fiber and spindle Hurricane Arthur storm track Skein of Sweetness and Light Bricks and Tiles socks
TdF spinning Hanauma sock and storm tracks for Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio Small quilt Small project bag Blue ribbons
Christiana headbands Salunga beret People's Climate March Columbus Day harvest Cricket loom

In the midst of this, DH gave me a Cricket loom and I discovered I rather like weaving. It takes me a long period of concentrated effort to warp the thing, and (sadly) tranquil blocks of time are a somewhat scarce commodity at the moment. I put the loom away for the holidays, but I do hope to spend more time becoming familiar with rigid heddle weaving next year.

Cricket scarf Homespun prayer shawl #1 Mitten Tree hats Cream Circles hotpads Benedict Cumberbatch bookmarks
Homespun prayer shawl #2 Prayer shawl pins Spiral Sock frogged Shorty Friday Harbor tabi socks Ixslein socks

So that's my crafty year in pictures. The display is partly an attempt to remind/convince myself of the year gone by, which even now doesn't quite hang together for me and perhaps never will. But I did my bit, and there's just one last post for tomorrow and my fibery 2014 will be complete.

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