Saturday, April 4, 2015

After All

Today is the Easter Vigil, and instead of the traditional alternatives of keeping watch or falling asleep I'm staggering over the Cable Madness finish line late with the FO and a matcha mug cake in honor of this morning's lunar eclipse. It's the first time for the cake, which turned out much greener than expected.

Cable Madness FO and mug cake

It doesn't matter that I finished after the April 3 deadline – as anticipated, I was eliminated from Sock Madness competition several days earlier when the last Team EntreLac spots to advance were filled. One rather senses that others on the team are much faster knitters with more knitting time than I. Ah well, I turtled on and am very pleased with my new fancy socks. I modified the pattern with a half-drop (one sock was started on Round 1 and one sock was started on Round 17 of the 32-round cable pattern) to balance the cables. My thanks to designer Karen Buhr for a most handsome pattern!

Cable Madness modeled

Several Team EntreLac members note that SweetGeorgia yarn sometimes runs, particularly the reds, so I must remember to take precautions when I wash the socks. Ordinarily I don't find laundry terribly interesting, but this could be good blog fodder. As they say in the news biz, "If it bleeds, it leads." Which is a sobering thought the night before Easter. Maybe I'll keep watch a while after all.


Coogan said...

Gorgeous color!! They look cozy and well made. I'd buy a pair in a heartbeat. Any chance you would bother with a couple of retail sale requests ? (Womens size 9-11)

Seriously- I love sheep, but am not handy with their fibers or knitting. Wonderful zen talent, but I prefer to leave that to the specialists. ; )

Karen Buhr said...

YAY for a finish!!