Thursday, April 16, 2015

Peak Bloom DC

Last week while I was attending to busyness in Washington the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms popped, literally. On Wednesday there were twigs with a faint pinky haze. On Sunday it was peak bloom. Just like that. I wish I had had the time to take the guided nighttime Lantern Walk around the Tidal Basin. I'm told in rare, magical years like this one you can see the flowers unfurl in the course of a half-hour. I also wish I had time to do this:

Paddle boat and texting

Erm, no, I don't mean ignore natural beauty to send a text message, I mean rent a Tidal Basin Paddle Boat and paddle around the Tidal Basin during cherry blossom season. At least I was able to walk around the Tidal Basin on Sunday. Along the way the FDR Memorial provided a nice reminder about the privileges of ableism. The statue of the four-term president looked a bit lonely...

FDR without sock

... so I had DH place my current sock, Longing for Spring by Caoua Coffee, on his shoulder. A little pink sock makes 'most anything better. This is the Round 3 pattern for Sock Madness. Having been eliminated (and also traveling), I was going to take a break, but how could anyone resist such an adorable toe-up pattern? Not I!

FDR with sock

Although waving the freak sock flag caused another photographer to blare, "Get away from the statue so I can take my picture!" I'm inclined to tell jerks to wait their turn, but DH prefers to let karma do its work, so he stepped away, she snapped her pic and flounced, and we laughed and resumed having a good time. Seriously, there were so many lovely shots to be had, why fuss over one with bad light?

Paddle boat and Jefferson Memorial

Yes, I really must try to do this someday. Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye on the Branch Brook Park cherry blossom cam. Stay tuned for Peak Bloom NJ!

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