Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Observer Effects

Whilst reviewing my blog stats, I was surprised to see traffic has tripled over the usual, both on new posts and on old posts. Uh, wow. Hello, gentle readers! Thank you for looking around so thoroughly. I hope you're enjoying what you see – and do come again.

The sense of being observed does rather act as a spur to blogging, at least for me. So, gentle readers, here's how far I got on my Morning Walk, which was my project for the Fall Sweater Challenge.

Morning Walk, as far as it went

Alas, the verb was is operative. At this point it became apparent there is Not Enough Yarn to complete the project. Further, the lovely yarn, BMFA Targhee Worsted, colorway Vine Ripened Red, is produced in a way that each batch is essentially a one-off. I could order more, but there's little likelihood the new yarn and the old yarn would be compatible – sometimes artisinal yarn from the same dyelot doesn't match, let alone from different batches. When one has been there, done that, there's no need to repeat the experience. Sigh. To the frog pond we go.

Morning Walk, frogged

Pity. I love the yarn, just need to recondition it and find a more suitable pattern pairing.

Meanwhile, it's the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the U.S., which is also the traditional start of the winter holiday season of shopping, gift-giving, year-end parties, family gatherings, and religious observances. So let me wish gentle readers a bountiful and blessed T-Day, and see you on the other side.

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