Saturday, December 17, 2016

What's New, PussyHat?

With the holidaze well upon us roundabout Exit 151, there hasn't been much time for knitting or blogging (cough) at casa Jersey Knitter beyond the occasional row for the PussyHat Project. But, today is a snow day, so after shoveling and errands I fixed some tasty beverages and settled in for a little wordsmithing. (Note: these whiskey sours are not all for me.)

Whiskey sour fixings

Ah! I do love a classic cocktail with lots of fruit. Citrus and Maraschino cherries, yes please. Mmm.

It should scarcely surprise gentle readers that I'm getting my marching boots ready for the Women's March on Washington, January 21, 2017, despite some misgivings. Or that part of the preparations include knitting PussyHats for myself and others. Here's progress so far: first one done, second in progress.

PussyHats 1&2

The pattern by Kat Coyle is simplicity itself. I prefer its suggestion of cat ears; others have been pinching the top corners of the hat to make the effect more explicit. PussyHat 1 is knit in the round with a three-needle BO, which results in a speedy knit with minimal seaming. I'm not sure I like the depth of the hat or the seam at the top, so PussyHat 2, in progress, will have the ribbing knit in the round and the crown knit in rows and seamed. We'll see if the fuss is worth it.

It's troubling to add the intersection of women's rights and knitting is becoming an increasingly familiar place as the progress made within my own lifetime gets ground away. Suffice to say that for me, fuss in this area is definitely worth it, and I'm looking forward to marching.

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