Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Going for the Gold

Tuesday is knit-along day for Sockapaloooza – the first updates are up! The early starters show a remarkable amount of activity considering the amount of cake and other distractions mentioned. Slacker that I am, I've contacted my sock pal, but haven't picked yarn or a pattern yet. Still others are waiting for the Olympics to be over before starting.

Speaking of which, my LYS, MY, is offering a special inducement to Knitting Olympics finishers: 15% off one's next purchase. A gold medal? Eh. A nice discount? Now that gets my attention – I'm going for the gold.

My Olympic project is a cabled vest for DH, pattern of my own improvising, in Rowan Felted Tweed in discontinued colorway 132 Charcoal. I was saving it for a Weasley for myself, but DH noticed it during stash inventory, petted, and found it good. Then he made big eyes at me. Argh. I never can resist his big eyes.

The design process is reminiscent of the beginning of the old Mission: Impossible TV show – DH looked at many patterns, rejected most, and mumbled, "Hey, isn't that Kaffe?" (also a young Roger Moore).

Olympic design process

While there's emerging clarity about what is not wanted, there's still considerable vagueness about certain features, so I expect to be tweaking the design and swatching madly between now and Friday, 2 p.m. EST.


--Deb said...

Ooh, that IS an enticement! I was going to go for gold anyway, but . . . discounted yarn at the end! Woohoo!

Morgan said...

I just wanted to swing by and give you an update on the Sockapaloooza socks---I've bought the yarn and decided on Jaywalkers as the pattern. I just posted pics today. Good Luck with the Olympics!

Erica said...

Sigh. At least DH evinces an interest in having something knit for him. Around here, I say, "Would you like me to knit something for you?" And the boy says, "Well...no. Not really. But thank you for offering."

MommyknitsJen said...

Your hubby sounds like mine, "I want a sweater with all those twisty things on it" (cables). After looking through every book and online pattern I had a long list of what he didn't want. Finally I just started and he seems to like it so far but we'll see...