Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Friday Munchies

Friday was cold and bleak roundabout Exit 151, so DH and I made a Friday Munchies plan. After work we (perhaps unwisely) went to MOMA to see the Edvard Munch exhibit, then had dinner out.

Talk about cold and bleak. And that's just the docents, who looked about as bilious as the paintings every time some naïf mispronounced the artist's family name (it's something like munk). It's probably a good thing we kept the name of our plan to ourselves. As for the paintings, woodcuts, and sketches, there's something oddly... self-indulgent?... melodramatic?... adolescent? about Munch's use of strong primary colors and stark architectural lines to express internal anxieties. In your face anomie. I'm repressed, dammit! Adding to the bizarrerie was the strong scent of brown gravy wafting through the galleries from the new museum restaurants. I sure hope the overall unappealing sensory effect wasn't intentional, but the absurd possibility cannot be overlooked.

Souvenirs from Friday Munchies plan

Happily, dinner was an unqualified hit. We went to Pigalle and pigged out on tasty southwestern French cuisine. DH had seafood in tomato-fennel broth and I had cassoulet (Castelnaudary-style, with breadcrumbs). Amazing to relate, especially given the restaurant's theater district location, service was unrushed and attentive. Plus the restaurant postcard shows a woman on a bicycle (strikingly, using the same bold tricolor palette as Munch, but to rather different effect), which of course got my attention. Definitely worth a return visit.

Oh, and I squeezed in a quick yarn crawl, too, and now am swatching for crazy socks for my Sockapaloooza pal.

Sockapaloooza yarn

Currently it's Koigu v. Sockotta. I'm leaning toward Koigu at the moment, but with warmer weather approaching, Sockotta may be the more practical choice. Hm, decisions, decisions.


Stephanie said...

I know it's not pc but I always though Munch's work looked like it would have been great graphics for advertising campaigns.

erin said...

Both are bright and cheery, your sock pal is going to have happy socks.

patti said...

The koigu is really pretti. But the sockotta is too!

I always liked Munch's work. A lot of the women in his paintings make me think of vampires though. But somehow it really all appeals to me. Maybe I hate myself (hahaha)

--Deb said...

There's an article on Munch in the current issue of the Smithsonian magazine--I wonder if they tied it in with this exhibit on purpose? (I mean, completely different museum, so I wouldn't think so, but still....) Thought I'd mention it!

Shhhh Secret Pal said...

Interesting views on Munch... expecially the gravy scent! I am extremely influenced by smell and that would definitely influence my thoughts on the works in front of me. Whether intentional or not! Those colors for your Sokapalooza Pal are very nice. Just my vote, I have both Sockota and Koigu socks and prefer the Koigu. They are so soft. Can't wait to see the pattern!

Erica said...

What a nice way to spend a Friday, especially with your DH in tow.

The food, by the way, sounds wonderful -- perfect for a chilly grey sort of day, and a nice complement to the exhibit.