Friday, May 5, 2006

Sockapaloooza, Received

[Apologies, I've been trying to post without success since Friday evening but have been having severe Blogger problems. I couldn't even sign in!]

At last it may be told that my Sockapaloooza pal is Shannon of the excellently named Yarn and Chocolate. Thank you, Shannon! I love my new socks of beauty! Here they are with the Helena, MT postcard in the package.

Sockapaloooza socks of beauty!

Shannon really sweated these socks. After trialing five (!) other candidates, she used Mountain Colors Bearfoot, a luxe Superwash wool, mohair, and nylon blend, which for her is a local yarn. Alas, its rich colorway – deep reds and teals – flummoxes my poor digicam; Shannon has a better photo. I love the Victorian colors – they match my Mrs. Beeton wristwarmers.

On receipt I immediately put them on and only reluctantly removed them! The socks are wonderfully comfortable, with a lovely sheen, bloom, and silkiness from the mohair. Although they are fuzzy wuzzy, I do not find them overly hot nor the least bit itchy – rather, they're perfect for the "variegated" spring weather roundabout Exit 151.

The socks are toe up with (I think) short-row toes and heels. The stitch pattern is garter rib, which is superbly defined in this yarn. Curious to relate, there's a teeny bit of flashing on the toe and 1x1 rib cuff, none on the foot, heel, or leg. Hm... must investigate this further. I woulda thunk if there's flashing in the 1x1 rib, there would be outright shazaaming in the garter rib, but no. Is it changing stitch counts or does garter rib tame the flash?

Incidentally, Shannon was a "stealth" pal who never contacted me – I had no idea who she was or what she was up to – or whether she was up to anything. But she came through, as sock pals usually do. So for all the Sockapalooozers out there anxious because of radio silence, not to worry (at least not yet). Some sock pals are taciturn, others loquacious; some enjoy daring their pal to find them, others focus on swapping socks. For some, silence is golden – it certainly doesn't necessarily mean your pal has bailed! It's 'way too early to determine that.

There are happy feet roundabout Exit 151 this evening. Thanks again, Shannon!

ETA: Uh-oh. DH noticed the socks, petted, and found them good. He, who has scorned Koigu and Lorna's Laces and Cherry Tree Hill and only grudgingly admired Habu A-113 (3/15 silk/wool), likes Bearfoot. It's a good thing our feet are different sizes.



Emma said...

They look so soft and comfy. And I love the colors, too!

Shannon said...

I'm glad you like them. I'm a big fan of bearfoot - partly because I rarely have flashing or pooling. I hope they fit and I hope you enjoy them!

writinglady said...

I'm knitting with Bearfoot now--so yummy. Might be over Koigu...