Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Big Blue Wave (Bag)

First, I saw the Kanagawa wave. Then it was the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps and Blue Wave NJ in the Fourth of July parade. Plus Leah spent her vacation in Hawaii (and got engaged!). A theme was emerging.

Kanagawa WaveJersey Surf Marching BandBlue Wave NJ bannerHawaii Five-O wave

After a day at the Shore, I had a brain wave: the bike needs a new handlebar bag. Something like a cross between the Rivendell Bicycle Works classic Baggins Candy Bar Bag and the felted Noni Tube Baguette, except more Jersey Shore, less Northern California or South Beach. And wavy. Must be wavy!

Knit and felted swatches for Blue Wave Bag

So I've been swatching stripe patterns using Lily Chin's New Shale variation on Old Shale; the yarn is Cascade 220. Pictured is the purl side of the third attempt, which I think is a keeper. I also felted a swatch, to make certain the natural white would behave itself (it did). The stitch pattern is easily memorized (good for surfing the Internet), but all this swatching feels like making endless mini-afghans!

The biggest technical challenge looming is the straps that attach the bag to the bicycle handlebars. I'd like to use two grosgrain watchbands (maybe in Stripe 18?), but Velcro webbing is probably more practical. *Le sigh*.

For notions and lining, I was thinking of these über-cute goldfish bowl buttons from Modern Yarn and these Heather Ross fabrics from Purl Patchwork. I love how all the goldfish have names.

Goldfish buttons and fabrics

But I'm beginning to think they're too wistful and something a little more gutsy is needed, something with a mid-century vibe as strong as a ripple afghan. Stay tuned.


trek said...

Too cool on the swatching.
Maybe a denim liner - you want something that can stand up to being hung from the handlebars and the weight of the contents.

MissyJoon said...

Love the yarn you are knitting with!

I an unrelated knitting question--how do you insert the oomhlat over a letter--?????????

--Deb said...

I think the swatch looks great, and agree that a denim liner sounds like a good idea. The fishbowl buttons? Well, they are adorable, it's true, but I don't know . . . it seems almost cruel to put a fishbowl on top of all those waves, like it's teasing the poor little fish that can't go for a REAL swim.... (ahem) But maybe that's just me!

Helen said...

Do I see a fish named Helen? Bwhahahahahhaaa!