Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow Shoveling Mittens

Just in time for yesterday's temperature plunge (19° F or -7° C in the morning) and snow today, I finished a new pair of snow shoveling mittens. These are worked in Coeur Rouge in my own (improvised) design.

Snow shoveling mittens

When I dig out, I have a routine: driveway, sidewalks, shrubs, fire hydrant. (I'm amazed by how many otherwise prudent folk neglect that last step in personal and public safety.) I wear snow shoveling mittens over my gloves to keep them dry and protect them from wear, and for a bit of extra warmth. Layers can make such a difference for warm hands!

I'll have a new venture on DeStash Mountain after SnB this evening, one of my doublets. Please have a look. ETA: It's sold!

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Beth S. said...

Coeur Rouge, hee! ;-)

That's actually a pretty clever idea, layering mittens over your gloves.