Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm reduced to blogging from the public library today and perforce must be brief. It's almost not worth the botheration, except yesterday this wonderful package arrived from fellow Sockapaloozer Janine of For Knit About It.

Goodies from Janine!

Thank you, Janine! That was perfect timing – it really made my week. There's sheepy notepaper, fragrant lavender soap, a mini-sock kit with fiery yarn, a mini-sock blocker keychain, and a sweet note, all wrapped in pretty dot paper. I've wanted a mini-sock blocker for quite some time. Squee!

Before bicycling over to the library, I made my now-daily irate phone call to Verizon. Still no clue when I'll be back online. On the way over, I noticed a fleet of Verizon trucks, which I hope is a good thing. Uh-oh, my session is timing out – 'bye!


Devorah said...

I always found Verizon to be a good place to call when I needed a fight. Even if I was just calling them for a benign purpose my blood pressure would skyrocket. I feel for you!

Kim said...

Nice package! I hope your Verizon problems are resolved soon.