Monday, July 16, 2007

Coup Fourré

Uh, oops, wrong game. It's a TdF rest day, but I'm knitting away on the Tour de France KAL.

At first, things seemed to be going rapidly downhill and backwards for me in the KAL. I knit still more swatches, but that je ne sais quoi was je ne sais où. This is for Bay Cardigan by Mags Kandis, in Mission Falls Spring 2001 aka Simple. Nice, but... er, hm.

Bay Cardigan swatch

This is for Bobbly-Pointed Edges by Jean Frost, in Knitters 52, Fall 1998. One motif has the bobble edge, the other doesn't.

Bobbly-Pointed Edges swatch

I cast on a non-bobbly Bobbly-Points, knit a bit, was underwhelmed. The notion of a tricot jaune of my own receded into the distance and Gingernut's excellent La Lanterne Rouge pattern started to seem très àpropos. (The TdF rider with the fastest overall time wears the maillot jaune [yellow jersey]; the rider with the slowest overall time is known as the lanterne rouge [red lantern], from the hazard light on the caboose of a train.) I began to think it possible that I might expend my entire supply of Classic Al in swatches.

Rather than do that (!!!) I rummaged in stash and changed bikes projects. Behold Cabled High-Neck Tank by Kathy Zimmerman (IK Summer 2004) in Cascade Sierra, color 02. I'm loving the stitch definition and the balanced cables.

Cabled High-Neck Tank begins

For speed and because I loathe seaming, I'm knitting in the round. The tendency for circular knitting to bias (because it's actually a spiral) does not seem to be affecting the cables, but we'll see.

Knit and Fight the Black DogAlso see: Gingernut is blogging to increase depression awareness at Knit and Fight the Black Dog. Winston Churchill was among the many sufferers of the disease, which he called his black dog. William Styron was another; his Darkness Visible is the harrowing yet hopeful account of his descent into a catastrophic major depression and his slow recovery.


dragon knitter said...

i'll be spinning today, as i took my rest day a day early, lol. i forgot to spin before i went to bed, and realized it just as the clock ticked over to midnight. sigh.

i liked all the incarnations, but i do really like that high-necked tank. i may just cast that one on myself!

Kim said...

As usual, I like them all! Thanks for the link to Black Dog knitter. Valuable info. Although I don't suffer from depression, I have found my moods and outlook more stable (not counting PMS episodes) and my ability to cope with stress much better since I started spinning & knitting. The fiber arts trulya re therapeutic.

Kristen said...

I like the project you settled on. The 2 you were deciding between reminds me that I have them bookmarked (along whith a zillion other patterns) in my magazine collection. Cascade Sierra is wonderful, I've made a sweater, a shawl, and a capelet with it and will use it again with pleasure!

Donna Lee said...

Sorry you are having all these problems. It seems like a lot of people are having "choosing a pattern" issues. I have so many patterns collected that I don't know where to start. I just bought some tofutsies. Isn't it great? I have a sock pattern in mind for one skein and another is going to be on it's way to Austrailia in a yarn swap.